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Our Mission:

To provide innovative transactional data analysis products and services that automate workflow, assure compliance, and achieve financial efficiency.

It is CashFlow Guardian's charge to provide transactional monitoring expertise that exceeds expectations.

CashFlow Guardian (CFG) is a transactional data analysis company that offers monitoring software and associated consulting services, founded on the premise that better results stem from a systematic technology based approach. We are dedicated to achieving significant cost savings for our clients.

CFG was formed as a result of the realization that continuous transaction monitoring could be achieved. At the time, the only solutions available were manually driven by auditors and utilized only a sample of the data. The CFG software was developed to continuously monitor 100% of an organization's data and to resolve problem transactions like overpayments, fraud, and compliance issues through automated workflow.

With our open architecture model, we are able to test or analyze many different types of data sets by applying standard and custom business rule sets (groupings of business rules that correspond to a type of data). This allows CFG to analyze Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and any other data file that is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server.

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